Wrong image being used on your Facebook post about your blog?

Have you just spent ages pondering what image will perfectly explain your point to your readers in the split second you have their attention on your Facebook feed, only to have Facebook not pick it up? Argh!


I’ve had so many of our clients bemoan to me about this problem, so I know it is a common one that YOU need the solution to. Luckily, we do have the solution! 


Some say you can try to change the thumbnail image when you are making the Facebook post, but that never works out well in my opinion. It still may not always pick up the image from the post in question. The Facebook interface only gives you 6 images from across your blog (usually your home page) to choose from – if you have 30 images on your home page, it is not an effective tool. Another option is to add an image, but when you add an image to the post with the URL, it no longer loads a preview of the blog and only shows the URL and the new image you loaded, which is not functional and just plain ugly!

You can try to change the thumbnail image… it’s not functional and just plain ugly!


One of our favourite plugins, Yoast SEO, that we offer in our WordPress Plugin Pack that comes for free with our WordPress Hosting Plans, comes to the rescue! Once the plugin is installed on your blog you can enter specific content for Facebook, so you won’t have this problem in the future and you can target your message more acutely. You can enter a Title, Description and Image that will be used when your blog URL is posted on Facebook –  brilliant!


There are many reasons why Facebook is taking the ‘wrong’ thumbnail images from your site. One of the most common reasons is having multiple images set in theog:image tag, other causes are caching plugins, CDN issues, missing open graph meta tag for the thumbnail image, etc.


If you need Yoast SEO Plugin in your life to solve your Facebook woes, give us a call or send us an email.